When you come and stay at Anchor Guest House, our wonderful beach and views of St Brides Bay are obvious attractions during your time here in Broad Haven. We are also lucky to have Haroldston Woods on the North side of the beach, which has a woodland path that gives you a few other walking options.

Haroldston Woods can be accessed from a few points along the walks but the easiest access is from our north car park here in Broad Haven, along a grass path above the YHA. Bearing right, this will take you along the stream and up through the woods.

When walking through the woods today it was lovely to see that the bluebells are starting to bloom and I know that in a few weeks into May, the ground cover in the woods will be a sea of bluebells, a lovely sight, especially against the pink campions.

Walk 1- though the woods and out on to the coast path.

This walks takes about an hour and is a circular walk which starts in the north car park as described earlier. Once you get to the fork in the path at the top of the woods, take a left turn and this will take you up to the Druidstone road, which you cross and go through a wooden gate, which takes you onto the coast path. I really like this walk, as you firstly get to walk the woods enjoying the, sun dappling through the trees or on a stormy day grateful for the shelter of the trees, the sights and sounds of the wildlife and then this opens out as you walk towards the coast with the fantastic panoramic views of St Brides Bay – the contrast is fabulous as you continue to your walk left/south down the coast path and back into Broad Haven.

Walk 2 – through the woods and through the fields at the back of Broad Haven

This walk takes around 2 hours and again is a circular walk starting at the north car park, taking the path through the woods and at the fork in the path at the top of the woods, take a right turn. This continues along a woodland path past Timber Hill, and up to Haroldston Church. Here the path forks again, so continue to the right and follow a well sign posted route through the fields at the top of Broad Haven. This route crosses the lane to Timber Hill and comes out on Long Lane, which again, by walking right will bring you back into the village.

There are plenty of sights and sounds along both of these walks, I heard a woodpecker this morning. So if you fancy exploring another part of Broad Haven, whilst on holiday here at Anchor Guest House, Haroldston Woods might just be the place to take a walk.