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Coastal Sights

Our hotel is within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, and the Pembrokeshire Coast Path passes right by our front door! 

The coastline of Wales covers 1317.26 miles – further than Cardiff to Athens. 

Cosy coves, rocky headlands, miles of golden sands, rockpools, coast paths… Our coastline is drop dead gorgeous! 

The Pembrokeshire part of this coast path is 187 miles long, covering a formidable range of coastal sights. It is a hugely popular British Walk. We, in Broad Haven, sit at the end of one of the popular breaks in the Pembrokeshire coast path trail. 

People stay with us, having walked the Marloes to Broad Haven stretch. They enjoy a night in our B&B, maybe two to have a walking rest day in a village with facilities and amenities. With our own restaurant, cafe, bar, even ice cream parlour,  a rest day with us for walkers in Pembrokeshire is very easy and nourishing, with wonderful, tasty food.

Our residents are not all hardcore walkers. There are so many great walks, some just an easy 1.30hr circular walk, some a whole day, using the local bus services to return to us. If the bus is not running, we know some great local taxi services to recommend.

At the end of the day, with our very wide, sandy beach, where the sea goes out incredibly far at low tide, you can just stay here on Broad Haven beach and exercise, gently meader, jog? At low tide you even walk around the bay to the lovely cove village – Little Haven. Check tide times so you are safe, but it really does feel amazing to walk around the bay to another village – via the beach!

We haven’t even touched the inland walks. We will leave space in blogs to discuss the network of footpaths that criss-cross our farming countryside, cross our rivers and estuaries. 

Heading into the local hills, The Preselis is well worth a visit. Views to knock the breath out of you! 
We will list all the ideas we can think of for good walks here as blogs. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see other walking posts we choose to share, written by us or by locals we love to highlight.

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