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Natural Living

Where to start? As we are a seaside, beachside Guesthouse, we will start with what you find on our Pembrokeshire beaches. With rock pools right on our beach at Broad Haven, you will find the creatures of the sea, left behind as the tide goes out, shells clinging to the rocks until high tide. Use this guide, created by Visit Pembrokeshire to detect the wildlife on your own rockpool safari. 

Seals can be seen from time to time checking us out. You never tire from seeing their heads bobbing up. There is something so amazing about it. (Like all wild animals, respect their space and be particularly careful during mating and pupping season.)

Staying in the sea, porpoise and dolphins are a common sight in our seas. Best seen by joining one of our locally owned boat trips. They know where to go. They know how to behave around the wildlife of the Pembrokeshire seas – and they can tell you all about it! We will definitely be writing some blogs about great boat trip experiences in Pembrokeshire.

Our cliffs empty and fill with migratory birds. Again, the boat trips are the best way to see them. It is a magnificent sight to see them all clinging to the cliff edges. You can hear the calls when you walk the footpath, but seeing them is harder, and for your safety you should never leave the Welsh Coast Path to try and see them, let alone the fact that we should all protect their space.

Our seas have fish – of course! Diving to see our sea wildlife (as well as shipwreck diving) is one obvious way to see our fish, clear seas willing of course. With some of the very sunny and calm summers we have had, we have seen an increase in holidaymakers to Pembrokeshire bringing snorkelling equipment. With long term, calm weather, the sands settle and sightings are much easier. Just have a look at social media,and you will see images of clear waters and sea wildlife sightings around our Pembrokeshire coastline, particularly summer 2021 and 2022. 

Follow us on social media (FacebookInstagram) as we will share many of these great images taken by locals photography enthusiasts and wildlife photographers.

Inland, in fact not far at all from our Pembrokeshire bed & breakfast, you will find woodland. (Haroldson Woods is our closest. 1hr 3 there and back from us) Birds change to more classic woodland bird species. Our rivers, such as the Cleddau estuary are full of amazing wildlife – a heaven at the Haven!

It’s natural living here. Foxes and badgers in the hedgerows. Butterflies. You get our drift.

We will share wildlife tidbits as and when we hear tips to share with you. 

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