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What flavour activity do you like? Pembrokeshire is known for everything from gentle walks on wide sandy beaches with easy access (like Broad Haven beach, right in front of our Pembrokeshire coastal hotel), to being the adrenaline junkie mecca of the UK. There are plenty of activity levels in between these for your next holiday in Pembrokeshire.

Heart racing, full throttle experiences like coasteering are hugely popular. The thing to know is these activities can all be done at different levels. We see surfers in our sea at Broad Haven all year round, from paddling in small waves to hardcore professionals. Don’t be put off by thinking these activities are for the adrenaline seekers only.

Kayaking in Pembrokeshire’s is another example of an outdoor activity, available for all. Some kayak in the waves, (we like watching them from our beach in Broadhaven), others head for the smaller beach coves, or harbours like Solva, or the inland waterways near Pembroke. 


Maybe your idea of holiday activities involves learning something you can take home with you. Foraging walks, on the coast or along the hedgerows of our lovely country lanes has grown in popularity… bloomed in fact (sorry!) 

Rockpool safaris can be done on your own. Armed with a good guide you can learn all about our aquatic creatures in your own time, at your own pace. Did we say we have lovely rock pools at Broad Haven beach too! (Honestly we really are very lucky here in Pembs!)

We could write reams and reams here, but for now, we will leave you with a promise that we will write plenty of blogs for you – all things about activities to do in Pembrokeshire. 

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