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A thing of beauty

Now… where to start. Honestly our Pembrokeshire beaches are second to none. Let’s face it, as an island country, the UK has stunning coastlines. Wales in particular has 870 miles of coastline, all of it possible to walk in one uninterrupted path. The Wales Coast Path. A thing of beauty indeed.

We are biased as we do love our Pembrokeshire seas. Within an hour of us at our lovely Pembrokeshire coastal hotel, you could spend every one of your holidays in Pembrokeshire with us, and you would still find yourself stumbling upon new beach coves or estuarine inlets. We are super lucky!

Just some examples:

  • Sandy sheltered coves like Nolton Haven.
  • Wide open, jaw dropping expanses of sand with surf, like our beach at Broad Haven, right in front of us at Anchor Guesthouse.
  • Harbour beaches like Little Haven, possible to walk to from our ‘Pembrokeshire hotel ’at low tide (careful please, check your tide timetables)
  • Harbours for kayaking, swimming and paddle boarding, or crabbing, like Solva
  • Waterways for wind surfing. Pop to Dale, just over the fields really from our side of St Brides bay. A popular seaside village for watersports
  • Quintessential seaside towns. Tenby is the Queen of these in Pembrokeshire. With two blue flag beaches, penny arcades below majestic cliff-hung, brightly coloured houses, it is well worth a visit.

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