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Broad Haven

Connected to nature

We are lucky to be located right in the middle of Broad Haven seafront. We face west onto its beautiful, safe and sandy beach and enjoy fabulous views of St Brides Bay. 

Known locally as the ‘blue house’. We, at our ‘Broad Haven hotel’ are a well known venue, where our local community come to enjoy a meal at our Italian restaurant (there aren’t many in our area), locals mixing with day visitors and holiday makers. Some enjoying a quiet coffee or taking a panini rest as they walk the coast path, others dusting off the sand in their toes as they choose which flavour they fancy in our ice cream parlour. 

We have the only seafront garden in the village, a space full of chatter and laughter. It’s a great spot – popular not surprisingly for our amazing, west-facing sunsets.

We are a small seaside village, nestled in the vast St Brides Bay. We are lived in. That is to say, we have a local community who live here all year round. 

EAT – We are naturally going to suggest you eat with us at our restaurant & pizzeria, Sunshine Italian. Our reviews on Tripadvisor  speak for themselves that we don’t half create some lovely meals!  We are open every day, serving breakfast from 9am. Paninis and salads until 3. Pizzas and our main menu from 12. Join us for coffee and cake all day long. Don’t forget we have lovely ice cream in our ice cream parlour, and takeaway pizzas and drinks. 

It is important to us to keep our community alive and as such are delighted to recommend the other wonderful restaurants, cafes, takeaways and pubs in Broad Haven. 

We would recommend, for their amazing burgers, Sand & Stone Kitchen. Off The Hook is great for those of you who love the idea of a takeaway Fish & Chips supper on the beach (you can also dine in). The Galleon Inn is our local pub, right on the seaside with great views and a dining menu. The Ocean Cafe Bar and restaurant is next door to us, with a full menu served all day long, again with lovely views.

Our cafes and restaurants all serve takeaways which are a favourite of locals and holidaymakers, on the beach as well as our seafront benches.

SHOPS – Haven Sports sell all things beach and sea. From wetsuits to paddle boards, on-point surf fashion wear to bodyboards. It is well worth a visit.  Londis mini-mart, on the seafront is always stocked with just what you need, daily papers as well as being our local post office. The Beach Shop is great for souvenirs and the things you may not have for fun on our beach, from wind-breakers to rock pool nets. 

There is a GP surgery in the village – just in case. 

BEACH– Our’s is one of only 10 blue flag beaches in Pembrokeshire. We at Anchor Guesthouse have the jaw dropping delight of overlooking it! How lucky are we!

The tide goes out so far at low tide that you can walk around the bay to the small, utterly charming cove village at Little Haven. (Check the tide time tables please to be sure it’s safe, and keep an eye on this again if you plan to walk back along the beach)

Back on our beach, the access ramp for boats makes it perfect for pushchairs and wheelchairs. Accessibility is a real plus at our beach. The sand gently shelves, making a great shallow entrance to the sea for little ones. Naturally, we have to say, always keeping an eye on them.

The sights of Who and What is in the sea changes according to the tides and weather. It is a wonderful sight. One that makes you feel so connected to nature and the elements.

On calm days you see paddle boarders mooching across the water, sometimes joined by recreational sea kayaks. Pembrokeshire is a mecca for outdoor sports.

With a little more in the way of waves, the bodyboards come out, and those learning to sea- kayak are practicing surfing waves in the shallow water.

Surfers paradise arrives on Broadhaven beach when the wind and conditions are rock on. Check out for conditions. Also, don’t miss our live Broad Haven webcam if seeing is believing.

Broad Haven beach is flanked by cliffs on both sides, rock pools hugging the base of the cliffs for hours of exploring. It is a majestic beach, and one of the most accessible beaches in the area. 

Whilst we don’t accept dogs at our bed and breakfast by the beach (for now), BroadHaven beach is dog friendly and you will find our restaurant, pizzeria  and ice cream customers sitting happily in our garden which is dog-friendly.

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