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Bursting with history

Where to start discussing the heritage of Pembrokeshire? You don’t want a history lesson from us, that’s for sure.The places we recommend going to when you on your holiday in Pembrokeshire will do a far better job of this. 

Castles. You cannot come to Pembrokeshire and not visit a castle.  From incredibly preserved, majestic castles like Pembroke, to developed castles like Roch (just down the road from us at Anchor Guesthouse), these are a wonderful reminder of the history of Pembrokeshire.  We have some blogs about these Pembrokeshire castles coming your way. 

We can’t talk about heritage without going way back. Standing Stones form a fascinating part of our Pembrokeshire history. The Preseli hills, you are sure to have seen them bubbling in the distance on your way down to your holiday with us.

Hills not mountains (those are in North Wales), the Preselis are bursting with history. A wild, untouched area, full of magic and mystery. If you are going to peel yourself away from the beaches of Pembrokeshire, we suggest popping out for a day in the Preseli Hills. 

There is more much more to say on this matter – keep your eyes peeled on our socials for blog posts as they drop. (FacebookInstagram)

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