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Seasons in Pembrokeshire

Experience the seasons

We feel and experience the seasons in Pembrokeshire. This proximity to nature and the elements is one of the things noted by visitors to Pembrokeshire. It’s normal for us living here, but for those living in towns and cities across the UK, this connection to the seasons when they visit us in West Wales, is deeply moving.

We in Pembrokeshire are at the very edge of the United Kingdom. It is untouched here. Natural. Alive. We love it, and love the change of seasons.

Summer is naturally popular at all seaside UK holiday destinations. We, here in Pembrokeshire still find our summer beaches less packed than places like Cornwall. This is a secret discovered by our Pembrokeshire visitors. (We are the same distance in time from many UK cities Cornwall, it just looks further on the map – but it’s not). We often laugh that if you pick up the leg of the UK that holds Cornwall and kick it up, laying it along the length of South Wales, you see that it’s the same distance from the groin to the heel! And our M4 comes within an hour of us.

Come and holiday in Pembrokeshire any time of the year. Honestly, a walk on a windswept beach at the edge of the UK, knowing when you look out to sea that the next stop is South America is just breathtaking! The beaches are empty. You can walk for miles and experience a truly peaceful holiday here in the Winter.

Spring, as it sweeps the Easter school holidays into its arms, sees us opening up in every possible way. Our hedgerows are waking up, both the wildlife living in them, and the wild flowers, ferns and grasses. The wildflowers of Pembrokeshire are stunning. A riot of pink and yellow. The flora and fauna changes as you get closer to the sea, the winds and salt air creating an ecosystem for more hardy plant life. The flowers of our Pembrokeshire coastal path are bent like incredible limbo-dancing sculptures from our winter winds.

Autumn starts with seals birthing fluffy white pups in our coves and around our islands. It’s a magical time, one made quieter as the schools have returned. It’s the time of year when walkers fill our restaurant, beach garden and cafe, not to mention booking a stay with us at Anchor Guesthouse. 


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